The Ribbon - Rodrigo Amarante

The Ribbon The ribbon is cut Now cameras are gone The news are all one The party goes on Done, it’s been said And up goes the flag An ox has been killed In display the head Then he came to me Born with a heart He poured me the one Fixed me up straight Son, he said I knew you would Hell can only do you good You’ll be where you should So I kissed the ring I missed the hand Ask who you must Faith it is trust And justice be made For numbers we pray A woman made blind With angels at guard Servants of lords With a scale and a sword She’s looking at me She sees through the night A hit and run No one in sight Boy, she said You oughta know Classifieds will never show What the aces do To the queen of hearts I know ************** http://rollingstone.uol.com.br/galeria/rodrigo-amarante-comenta-onze-faixas-do-novo-disco-icavaloi/#imagem8


Saito Bumaye Caraiiiii!!!!!!


By Gré... Pode isso?!? ******** Significado de Locupletar v.t.d. e v.pron. Ocasionar sua própria riqueza; aumentar fortuna; enriquecer: a venda do gado não a locupletou; alguns empresários locupletaram-se com a queda da bolsa. v.t.d. v.bit. e v.pron. Fazer ficar cheio; ocasionar o acúmulo ou preenchimento de; encher ou encher-se: o dízimo locupletou os cofres da igreja; locupletou-se de dinheiro ilícito. (Etm. do latim: locupletare)